Zuri ® Premium Decking by Royal®

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Zuri® Premium Decking by Royal® combines the look of exotic timber while maintaining its beauty even longer. This gives you the opportunity to build your outdoor living space second to none.

At Royal we have a passion for pushing the limits of invention:

With Minimal grain repetition, you capture the look of exotic hardwoods.

Available in the most popular lengths: 12' - 16' and 20'.

We carry style, inlay design and color options.

Now available in Walnut, Brazilian, Chestnut, Hickory, Pecan and Weathered Gray.

Hidden fastener system.

Resistant to stains, color fading, scratches, slips and moisture.

No staining, resealing or painting needed, ever.

Exceptional resistance to Color Fading and UV Light. Our Zuri® Trivance Topcoating® plays a large part in that, and it’s safe to say you won’t have to worry about fading with our products.

We meet the ADA requirements for ramps, so slippage isn’t an issue

Our surface is 30% harder than other non-wood alternatives in the decking world today. This means our decks can handle pets and stains with ease, so you won’t have to worry about BBQ Sauce, Wine, Sunscreen, etc. while enjoying your deck.

25 year Colorfastness Warranty. Color shifting (changing) will not exceed five units on the Hunter color scale.

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Decking Boards:

Available in both grooved and square edge boards.

5 1/2" wide

12', 16' and 20' lengths available.

Molding and Trim:

Add the perfect finishing touches to your deck with our edge and corner trim. Available in all colors.

Trim Boards are:

Square Edge Trim 3 1/2" X 12'

Grooved Edge Trim 3 1/2" X 12'

Fascia Boards are:

8" X 12'

12" X 12'

Prefabricated Corners are:

14" "L" Shaped

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Distinctive Inlay Designs allow you to create a one of a kind deck.

Choose one of our designs or get a custom inlay designed just for you.

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Celtic Knot: 3'X3'

Compass: 6'X6' or 8'X8'

Custom: 3'X3', 6'X6' or 8'X8'

Zuri Edge Clips:

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Zuri Clips not only hold the spacer block in place but the screw also penetrates the edge to keep your board from sliding from expansion/contraction.

Comes with a screw already pre-set into each fastener.

Use our Colormatched Starborn Screws for Edges and Trim.

Choice for 3/32" or 2/16" spacing.

90 Count Box

900 Count Box

End Coat Paint:

Available in all colors.

Board Joint Adhesive

2P-10 Solo Kit - Contains 2 oz of 2P-10 Thick Adhesive and 12 oz. activator.

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All Warranties are through Zuri® Premium Decking by Royal®, not through Finest Brazilian Decking.